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Hurt During Your Fourth of July Celebrations? Here Are Your Options!

Fireworks, friends, and drinks this fourth of July were amazing for more, but if you were injured while celebrating Independence… Read More


Injuries caused by car accidents are tough to handle, especially if you’re the passenger and a friend or loved one… Read More

New Year, New Injury?

It’s mid February and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. Many people make a resolution to eat better and… Read More

NFL Drama: Early Onset Dementia, Brain Injuries, & Lawsuits

Football is one of America’s favorite pastimes. In recent years the health risks associated with football have stepped into the… Read More

The Pains of Holiday Injuries

The holidays are such a lovely time of year to gather, gift, and celebrate. The temperature drops and the decorations… Read More

Fighting From Beyond the Grave

Some cases tug on the heartstrings a bit more than others. One of our attorneys had a case that was… Read More

Three Important Things Workers’ Comp Covers

  After an injury at work many employees are left asking themselves one simple question: Am I covered? Below you’ll… Read More

Why Do Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Cases Take So Long?

This frustration is expressed by victims across the nation, and the sentiment is shared by Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation… Read More

The Cherry Illinois Disaster

Did you know that Illinois had a fundamental but grim role in the creation of Workers’ Compensation across the nation?… Read More

When the Innocent Are Blamed

It could happen to anyone. You follow the rules of the road, and are an alert and responsible driver, but… Read More

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