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Aurora Car Accident Attorneys

Aurora Car Accident Attorneys

There are few things in life more important than your health and recovery. After getting injured in a car accident you have to consider not only your injuries but also the confusion and stress of dealing with insurance. How are you going to get your car fixed? Will you have to take time off of work? And what about your injury! It’s enough to make you want to tear your hair out. That’s why having an Aurora car accident attorneys’ help is imperative. Not only will you be able to focus on healing, but they will help you deal with the confusing insurance process.

Having Aurora car accident attorneys help during this perplexing time, with things like the insurance claim process, can make a huge difference in your settlement amount. Did you know that more than 109,000 crashes occurred in 2018 in the state of Illinois? The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm are Aurora car accident attorneys. They have settled over $40 Million for their clients last year alone.

How We Can Help

You can call The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm for a free case assessment and consultation. Their experience as Aurora car accident attorneys allows them to be instrumental in the claim process and maximize your settlement. They also advise not to sign or agree to anything insurance sends you until you’ve spoken with an attorney first.

Don’t speak to insurance on the phone. They may record your conversation without you knowing and try to use it against you, damaging your claim. This is just one of the many ways insurance takes advantage of injury victims. They also offer low settlements and try to deny medical treatment. The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm, as Aurora car accident attorneys, will fight for you, and get you every penny the law will allow!

With over 25 years of injury law experience as Aurora car accident attorneys, they will hammer the insurance companies. You are not in this alone!

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Contacting an Aurora car accident attorney immediately after a car accident injury can make a big difference in your case and wellbeing. All injury cases have a statute of limitations, which means you have a limited time to file a claim and seek monetary compensation. Get the money you are entitled to. Call The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm, Dworkin & Maciariello today. We are Aurora car accident attorneys ready to hammer!

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