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Ryan Stinson
Attorney | Licensed in Alabama & Georgia

Ryan Stinson has over six years of injury law experience and has won multiple million-dollar rewards for his clients. He has worked an injury case at every level, from the very first call, all the way to the final verdict. This deep understanding of the innerworkings of injury law allow Ryan to work expediently on cases. He knows every step of a case and uses his knowledge to keep his clients well informed.

With extensive courtroom involvement and a background in working as a criminal defense lawyer, Ryan is not only confident bringing a case to trial, but using his insights as a former defense lawyer, Ryan anticipates defense strategy. He is well prepped with counterarguments, which disarm the defense counsel’s tactics. He strikes while they are reeling, thus maximizing his client’s results.

Handling injury cases and helping those injured due to another’s negligence resonates with Ryan. He’s always felt a sense of fulfillment being an advocate for injury victims.

“After an injury it is a difficult time and it’s important to have someone on your side who can fight to get you the compensation you deserve,” Ryan said. “I take pride in the fact that I am a person who can fight for them.”

Aside from his impressive accomplishments, Ryan enjoys quality time with his friends and family, including his wife Alexa Stinson, and their son. He loves sports and is a big fan of the Braves and Alabama football.

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