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Injured On The Job – What You Do Next Matters!

Published on February 22nd, 2017 by The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm


Injured on the job, report it immediately to your employer. If possible take pictures using your smartphone of any hazardous conditions that caused your injury. If there are witnesses, be sure to get their names and contact information. Follow your employer’s process for reporting work injuries.

Seek medical treatment promptly. Tell your medical provider what happened and be sure to mention the injury was work related. Letting your doctor know you were injured on the job will help in case the insurance company denies your claim. Seeking immediate medical treatment ensures you get the care you need and protects you from the insurance company claiming you had a new, non-work related injury.

Don’t speak to the insurance company without having hired or discussed your case with an attorney who handles work injury claims. Workers’ Compensation law is complex; our attorneys have years of experience and have handled thousands of claims. Insurance adjusters are experienced in finding reasons not to accept a claim. Our attorneys can control communications with the insurance company and protect your interests. We know the law and can protect your rights!

Completing the claim form to be filed can be tricky. It is important to have an attorney assist you in completing forms to be submitted regarding your injury. Your choice of medical provider can have an impact on your claim. You made need specialists to assist with your treatment and our attorneys can help guide you through this process.

What You Do Matters! The first week after an injury is the most important. You may be feeling anxious about your future and what you do or don’t do during the first week may have long term effects on your claim. Call our experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys today to discuss your case; we can help (312) 857-7777.

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