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The Pains of Holiday Injuries

Published on December 7th, 2017 by The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm

The holidays are such a lovely time of year to gather, gift, and celebrate. The temperature drops and the decorations go up, yet, workplace and personal safety don’t take a break. We want you to spend time with your family, not time in the ER.

Workplace and personal safety affects everyone. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, decorations are a leading cause of injury during the holidays, with an estimated 14,000 hospital-treated injuries a year. The CDC says that 43% of falls occur from ladders accidents alone.

Here are some tips to reduce your risk of injury this holiday season:

• When using a ladder make sure you have a person at the base for support and stability
• Reduce clutter and debris
• Do not decorate alone, it is best to work in pairs
• If decorating outside, ensure there is no ice present
• Buy fire-safe lights; LED lights are a great choice due to their energy efficiency and cool temperatures
• Mindfully place cords to avoid tripping
• Check for frayed wires, cracked or shattered bulbs
• Practice candle safety: keep them away from kids, pets, and flammable objects
• Purchase an artificial tree that is marked as ‘fire resistant’
• Carefully wrap presents to avoid lacerations (aka a paper cut!)
• Move heavy Christmas trees, holiday decorations, and luggage using your legs, not your back

The home isn’t the only place to stay mindful of injuries. Holiday work parties can be the perfect recipe for injury as well. There are multiple people, decorations, cords, trees, and lights, not to mention holiday cheer, that all contribute to the hubbub. Injuries that happen at a work holiday party may fall under workers’ compensation if the event was mandatory. If the employee chose to attend an event that was optional the employer may not be responsible.

Every case is different, so if you believe you’ve been a victim of a workplace injury, don’t hesitate to call us for a free assessment at 877-606-6159. The Illinois Hammer wants to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and a happy New Year too!

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