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Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Drunk Driving as Saint Patrick’s Day Approaches

Published on March 2nd, 2021 by The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm

What do Personal Injury Attorneys have to with Saint Patrick’s Day?

The History of Saint Patrick’s Day in Illinois 

Over 1,000 years ago, a Catholic priest named Patrick died on March 17, marking the start of a religious holiday that soon turned into the global festival called Saint Patrick’s Day. Most consider it “the luck of the Irish” to live in Illinois during Saint Patrick’s Day, a state full of Irish heritage and pride.

The United States Census Bureau has reported that approximately seven percent of Chicago’s population is of Irish descent, making Saint Patrick’s Day a widely celebrated holiday in Illinois. Every year, Chicago dyes its river emerald green, parades filled with colorful floats wave their Irish flags, and the pubs fill up with cheerful people to celebrate. The city overflows with music, food, and libations as people come together to keep the tradition alive.

Amidst the excitement brought by Saint Patrick’s Day, many get caught up in the celebration and forget to make plans to do so responsibly. As a result, many get behind the wheel after drinking. Traffic in Illinois is often nightmarish on major holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day. Between the increase in traffic, and a higher potential for inebriated drivers on the road, car accidents are just waiting to happen. Personal injury attorneys at The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm are here to help.

Drunk Driving Statistics

Between 2013-2017, Saint Patrick’s Day proved to be one of the deadliest holidays on the roads with over 234 deaths due to drunk-driving accidents. Based off of the last report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016 alone, 60 people were killed in drunk driving accidents over the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday period. It is a sobering reminder that even though one may “feel” like they have control after a drink, the reality is reflexes, focus, and judgement may be impaired. Getting behind the wheel after drinking could lead to serious consequences for the drunk driver, and may cost innocent people their lives.

Drunk Driving has Consequences

Consequences for drunk driving could include car accidents, injuries, fatalities, and being convicted of a DUI. Driving under the influence can lead to both administrative and criminal penalties. Administrative penalties for a DUI of an offender who does not have any previous DUI convictions is subject to a six-month suspension for a failed chemical test or one year for refusing to complete a test. Additionally, criminal penalties for first DUI convictions are considered a class A misdemeanor in Illinois, which includes a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail and a fine up to $2,500.

Before you get behind the wheel after drinking this Saint Patrick’s Day, don’t depend on the “luck of the Irish.” Consider the fact that putting yourself and others in serious danger is not worth it. Make a plan, assign a Designated Driver, use a car service, or use public transportation if it’s available.

I got in an Accident Because of a Drunk Driver, How Can Personal Injury Attorneys Help?

Accidents caused by drunk drivers could leave you with serious injuries that may require extensive medical treatment and, in some cases, cause fatalities. After recovering from your injuries, you may take on thousands of dollars in bills from treatment and rehabilitation, and/or income loss due to taking time off of work to recover. Since the losses from a drunk driving accident may be serious, understanding your legal rights can be of great benefit to you. That’s why the personal injury attorneys at The Illinois Hammer have comprised the list below to assist you. Take the following steps to ensure the best outcome possible after an accident caused by a drunk driver. Our personal injury attorneys want you to stay safe!

1. Call the police

Calling 911 after a car accident is pertinent. If you suspect that the other driver who caused the accident was drinking, wait for authorities to use methods to determine whether or not they were impaired. If the police can prove that the other driver has violated the Illinois Law, they can arrest the driver. Having the police’s official report can help your claim when seeking reparations.

2. Seek medical help as soon as possible

If you have been injured in a car accident due to another’s drunk driving, seek medical care as soon as possible so that a doctor can assess any of your injuries. A timely diagnosis can help to prove the extent of your injuries, and could ensure that any medical costs are covered by insurance.

3. Contact Personal Injury attorneys at The Illinois Hammer

Contacting our personal injury attorneys at The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm, Dworkin and Maciariello, will help you understand what steps to take after an accident. Our personal injury attorneys will help you file a claim and get the compensation that you deserve after an injury.

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