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Uber or Lyft Injuries

Uber or Lyft injuries are unfortunately, increasingly common.

The convenience of hopping in an Uber or Lyft to get where you need to go is unparalleled. Rideshare apps give you the power to travel with minimal effort and without worrying about operating or owning a car. With any moving vehicle comes the potential need for an Illinois car accident lawyer in the event of an unexpected incident. This is when our team at The Illinois Hammer Law Firm becomes paramount. We are Illinois car accident lawyers in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, and all other areas throughout the state of Illinois.

Read below to find out more about your options if you were involved in a rideshare car accident.

Injured as a Passenger

When you step into an Uber or Lyft, you are putting your trust in the hands of the driver and other drivers on the road. While drivers may do their best to keep riders safe, accidents happen. Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have large insurance policies so they are able to cover the cost of injuries should an accident take place. 

If your rideshare driver wasn’t responsible for the accident, you could seek compensation from the at-fault driver, which may be done through a third-party car insurance claim. 

Regardless of blame, you can rely on our team to assess your situation and help you determine the right course of action. Dealing with insurance companies is never simple, so having a legal team to assist you with the process is one less thing to worry about.

Injured as a Driver

The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm specializes in Workers’ Compensation cases. If you were on a trip through Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare company when an accident occurred, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits if injured.

Rideshare companies offer a higher level of coverage once a trip is accepted. While understanding your rights as an injured worker may be confusing, we have over 25 years of experience in workers’ compensation and have taken on cases on behalf of drivers. We can answer any questions you may have about your accident and what you may be entitled to, so please call The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm to speak to a Lyft Accident Attorney or Uber Accident Attorney or for a free case assessment.

Injured as a Pedestrian

Much like being struck by a vehicle that’s operating without the layer of being a rideshare car, this is considered a potential personal injury case. What adds complications to this possible case is that the operator of the car may have been on a rideshare trip, in which case they would be covered by the rideshare insurance. The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm can help you, the pedestrian and victim, determine the best course of action regardless of which insurance policy the rideshare driver was under, with a free case assessment.

Why Choose Our Team?

Because rideshare apps are new, this is an area of law that hasn’t been explored thoroughly by all law firms. Our attorneys are already familiar with the legal process surrounding rideshare-related accidents, and the insurance companies. We have the knowledge and experience to obtain the settlements our clients deserve. We have already represented:

  • Uber or Lyft injuries of people hit by rideshare drivers
  • Passengers of Uber or Lyft who have been injured in an accident
  • Drivers of Uber or Lyft who have been injured in an accident

We also offer free consultations for those who aren’t sure if they have a case, and want more information. 

Please call us today for a free consultation at 312-319-4300.

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